Save our Surgeries

June 22, 2016 in Tutorials

Save Our Surgeries – The Jubilee Street Practise from Constellation Films on Vimeo.

The Brief

In 2014 NHS England began cutting back special grants to GP surgeries working in deprived areas, threatening many with closure. This video had to communicate patient opposition to the cuts.


With only days to turn around the video, Chris and Paul worked closely with doctors at the Jubilee Street practise to create a US-style political campaign poster that would scan quickly and easily in a quick shot. The practise then suggested a cross section of patients who not only supported the campaign, but would also give their consent to be filmed. The viral was shot in 4 hours on a Canon D5 with music supplied by Kevin Pollard.


Constellation’s support of the campaign to save general practice has been extraordinary. Sensitive, discreet and humorous all at the same, the production of the “Save Our Surgeries” video has been one of the highlights to our campaign. In the words of one of our patients, it really “hits the spot”, and we cannot recommend the company highly enough. Virginia Patania – Practise Manager, The Jubilee Street Practise


The video was part of a campaign that saw thousands demonstrating across London, a 20,000 signature petition presented at Downing Street and widespread media coverage. A week after the video was shot, lawyers representing a patient who appears in the video launched a High Court action which secured a reprieve for the practise.